Denise King Gillingham, LMSW, PCC, CPM

    • Are you getting passed over for promotions yet consistently exceed goals and have excellent performance reviews?


    • Are your reactions to frustration and anger derailing your career and personal relationships?


    • Do others think your life is great- successful career, great home life, yet you feel something is missing?


    • Does your partner not “get” you and wish he or she could?


    • Do you dream of a great life but are not sure how to make it happen?

Workplace, family, intimate partnerships-the common thread is that each is dependent upon relationships. Understanding systems is crucial to success and fulfillment–creating life and business on your terms. Meet Denise, a systems coach with over fifteen years of experience who has worked with hundreds of clients worldwide ranging from stay at home moms to CEO’s to leadership teams. She helps clients understand and remove obstacles that stand in the way of personal growth and professional development. Denise’s approach draws from the latest research in the fields of neuro science, social and emotional intelligence, psychology, quantum physics and systems theory.

Who are Denise’s professional clients?

  • Extraordinary performers who need to focus on soft skills
  • Organizations in transition due to merger or downsizing
  • Leadership and functional teams
  • Emerging leaders

Who are Denise’s personal clients?

  • People in transition-career or personal
  • Self reflective individuals courageous enough to want change
  • Couples or partners wanting to improve the communication or intimacy in their relationships
  • People coping with serious illness

“I felt empowered to move past some habits that had been holding me back-and found myself excited about reconfiguring habits to be more successful at work.”